Larry Anderson

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Robert "REB" Bean

Birth Date: 1951-09-27
Deceased Date: 2016-09-11
Carrie Loftus - April 4th, 2019
Here is Reb's obituary page. Be sure to look at all the wonderful photos of our classmate taken through the years!

Barbara "Gayle" Brewer

Kathleen Davis - August 17th, 2019
Gayle was my back door neighbor in Surratts Gardens. What a wonderful sweet girl. I was so saddened when I heard that she was taken so early in life. 
Dennis Pruitt - July 28th, 2019
I just wanted to say something about this wonderful person. We had been causual aquaintances in high school and then I was in my first year at Clemson and she at East Carolina. We had exchanged a few letters when I was able to catch a ride with a guy to East Carolina for a concert weekend. We saw Manhatten Transfer and Jose' Feliciano. It was a wonderful weekend. What a sweet, kind wonderful woman. We excitedly made plans to get together when we came back to Clinton for Chritsmas. I never saw her again. I understand she contracted encephlitis and by the time it was diagnosed and treated, it was too late. So Gayle, you left us way too early but you'll be in many of hearts forever. Especially mine.

Daniel William Burns

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Seth Edward Church

Bill Keenan - October 12th, 2019
I remember Seth fondly. He and I had 1969 Camero's and raced around Clinton on many weekends. What a great guy. Happy and funny on many occasions.
So sorry to hear he passed. 
Kathleen Davis - August 17th, 2019
Seth was a great guy. Very impressive when it came to all things in biology class. Didn’t surprise me at all when we found each other again in Ocean City  one year to find out he had become a dentist. So sorry he left us so early in his life. 

Robert James Clarkson

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Felicia Annette Constantine

Carrie Loftus - April 4th, 2019
I found this link for Felicia's obituary and wanted to share it with all.

William Dibble

Birth Date: 1951-07-20
Deceased Date: 2016-09-19


From the day William "Bill" Dibble was born he was confronted with challenge. Born on July 20, 1951 in Toyoko Japan, Bill was cared for in an orphanage. At 2 ½ years old, he was adopted by his American parents, Wheeler and Jewel Dibble (Deceased). A few years later, while still in Japan, Bill went with his parents to the orphanage to select his baby sister. His parents then adopted his younger sister Roberta, where they were raised in America. While in America Bill faced the difficulty of finding his place within his peer group, as well as often moving due to his father's military service.

He began working at Pacific Bell Company in downtown San Diego in 1969. He began as a dishwasher in the kitchen, and eventually retired 30 years later as the Engineering Service Manager over Southern California. 

He was very proud of his accomplishments with Pacific Bell, but when recently asked his greatest accomplishment he said "I was born an orphan, and somehow ended up with 4 intelligent, beautiful children, and 5 equally beautiful and intelligent grandchildren."

His first born, William, was born when Bill was just 19 years old, his daughter Wendy followed just 4 years later. Certainly this was a time of great challenge, married with 2 young children at a very young age. He then went on to meet his wife of 25 years, Lisa. With whom he had his two sons, Andrew and Brian. He truly enjoyed this second chance as he coached their sports teams, and became more involved in their lives.

He was just as pleased when his older children married. William to his wife, Teri and Wendy to her husband Paul. Their marriages brought him his five grandchildren; Brennan, Tylar, Seth, Wade and Kinsley. 

Bill faced his biggest challenge in 2004 when he was first diagnosed with throat cancer. When it return in 2008 he battled back from significant threats to his life and was left with impeded speech. He did not let this stop him and he faced it with such strength and dignity taking time to appreciate his love for family and friends. Throughout his treatment up to his final months ,he elected to participate in multiple studies at UC San Diego in hopes it would help doctors to learn everything they could so that maybe the next guy would be "luckier".

Bill passed on September 19, 2016, truly loved by his supportive wife Lisa and his "greatest accomplishments".

In lieu of flowers, his wife Lisa, would like donations to be made to the American Cancer Society or the Zoological Society of San Diego https://

A celebration of life will be held on Saturday October 1 from 1 to 6pm at the Coronado Yacht Club.


20 Jul 1951

19 Sep 2016 (aged 65)
San Diego, San Diego County, California, USA


Miramar National Cemetery
San Diego, San Diego County, California, USA


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Kenneth Leroy Dibble

Birth Date: 1951-05-11
Deceased Date: 1999-09-15
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Vincent Diley

Birth Date: 1951-02-01
Deceased Date: 2022-09-19
Mike King - June 3rd, 2024